Nerdfaire 2020, Norwescon, and more

February 3, 2020

Hello, readers!


First of all, a HUGE thank you to everyone who visited my booth at Nerdfaire 2020 in Lynnwood, Seattle. Your support means the world to me, and the fact that you are supporting a new, local, kid-friendly convention for all things nerdy is just stellar. This was Nerdfaire's second year, and I think this con really has a unique, wonderful energy; I can't wait to see how they keep growing and I am thrilled that we all get to be a part of it! A few highlights from the show included:

-An incredible array of costumes, including so many young cosplayers! My Hero Academia was in abundance, along with about 7 different versions of Spidey

-Getting to meet other authors and consumers of queer literature and simply relish in the fact that we get to /be there/, in a place that is explicitly FAMILY and LGBTQ friendly, in the same sentence!

-Getting tons of recognition for my Poison Ivy costume, including the 10 minute grilling I got from one very excited youngster who wanted to know if I liked being evil

-Meeting someone who's met and worked with Brandon Sanderson, one of my biggest authorial inspirations!


-The joy of being a visible trans woman in a space where at least two people I met definitely needed to experience that. I see you, and I won't stop working to make space for all of us.

My convention circuit (such that it is) is only just starting for this year. I am booked for Norwescon this year, and am hoping to get a few more booked for the summer and fall. Hope to see everyone there!


And finally, perhaps most importantly: Where the heck are new books!?
-By Night's Queen Shaped is still looking for agent representation
-My third Lost Colonies novella, "Serpent's Tongue," is in production. Hopefully I will have it ready by this summer!

-A standalone novel, Painting Suns, is also in production, and will hopefully see the shelves by Nerdfaire next year. 


Thanks as always to everyone for your interest and support. Keep reading, sci-fi fans!



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