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5/5 - Brigid Veila history expansion

(Requested by Nadia Gillitzer)

From the Astralana University Ground’s periodical site, The Bastion:


Interview with Professor Veila!


ELLIS L. GATSBOROUGH HALL - Professor Brigid Veila (she/her/hers, Albion), chair of the warp physics department in the School of Astrophysics, has recently been recognized by major media outlets across the Federation for her role in developing a new technology that stabilizes warp field injects. Until recently, unmanned warp flight was characterized by a high probability of small introjections of the warp field penetrating the interior of the ship in flight, a phenomenon that could lead to illness, injury, and - in extremely rare cases - death among the occupants of that ship. Now, thanks to the efforts of Professor Veila and her research team, that particular “phantom-in-the-warp” may finally be put to rest.


In order to get the full story, a student reporter from The Bastion reached out to Professor Veila for an interview, the contents of which are located below. Video of the interview is available upon request to the archivist.



STUDENT REPORTER (SR) - It’s great to have a chance to sit down and talk with you, Professor. How have you been keeping since the announcement?


PROF. BRIGID VEILA (PV) - Very well, thank you. And very busy, of course.


SR - I can imagine! Students on campus are saying that you single-handedly revolutionized warp travel as we know it. There must be a lot of press that comes with such a remarkable achievement!

PV - Well, there certainly has been a lot of attention from the media, but I wouldn’t say anything about it was “single-handed.” I never could have achieved this without the support of my colleagues and my research assistants. They deserve recognition here, as well.

SR - Of course. Still, it’s your name that’s being referenced as they rewrite the textbooks.

PV - I think that it is still a little early to be rewriting anything. The corrections to the seed particle matrix my team have suggested are still undergoing commercial trials.

SR - But your pivotal study has been replicated numerous times, all with the same results. At this point it seems like a matter of course that your solution to the “inject problem” is the solution.

PV - (laughing) I suppose I appreciate your optimism.


SR - Of course! Now, Professor: many of our constituents are curious about the story behind the research. People have been trying to solve this problem ever since the unmanned warp drive was first introduced in 6415, and no one made any headway until your team tackled the problem. What was different about your approach?

PV - It will sound somewhat trite, I am afraid, but I believe the main difference in our research here was one of conviction. I was certain that with enough time and effort, the answer would reveal itself. I am not embarrassed to admit that I, in particular, along with several of my colleagues, became somewhat obsessed with the problem over the last few years. I lost sleep, weight, and perhaps a small bit of my hair over this particular obsession! But I found myself driven by the absolute need to find the answer. I believed that I could, and that it would be irresponsible not to - from a perspective of preventing harm to others as much as scientific curiosity.

SR - Well, it certainly seems you’ve managed to fulfill both of those responsibilities. Is there anyone or anything in particular you would attribute the fervor of your commitment to?

PV - Let me consider...Before I began this project, I was doing other research, the results of which all but screamed the possibility of stabilizing the injects. If you will pardon the poesy, it was almost as if the prior results were haunting me, and the only way to lay them to rest was through the warp field project. Of course, by itself, even that may not have been enough - my wife was the one who really helped me to reach that conclusion, and it was her unwavering support that empowered me to begin my pursuit of this famously elusive answer. Without her by my side, I am not certain that I wouldn’t have shrank from the task.

SR - Ah, now that’s interesting! Many of the students here at AU-G have seen you and your wife - that’s Alonna Djo, an Albion dancer of some renown in the area - on walks about the campus and at official department events. You seem to be quite smitten with each other!

PV - We have been very fortunate to have each other’s loves in our lives. Truthfully, I am not an artist, so I can’t make much sense of how she creates her performances, but I do know that she inspires me with her work.

SR - Most people wouldn’t expect there to be such a strong connection between dance and astrophysics. Would you care to elaborate?

PV - I think perhaps it is somewhat ironic, but Alonna and I actually met at a dance she was performing here at the university on themes of interstellar contact. I attended the talk-back after the dance, and I found that she was unexpectedly knowledgeable about the astrophysical bases of her subject matter. It started a long conversation that has never come to a satisfactory close.

SR - I believe I saw that dance series when I visited campus 4 years ago! It was part of what made me decide to attend.

PV - Well, that is just like Alonna. She inspires everyone!

SR - So I see. We are just about out of time here, Professor, so I want to ask you one final question. Now that you’ve changed the face of interstellar travel, what comes next for you? Any insight as to your next big research project?

PV - I can only say that I am continuing my investigations of the warp, though I am now exploring other potential uses for it.

SR - Other…? Pardon my ignorance on the matter, Professor, but hasn’t the warp only ever been used for communication and travel? What else…?

PV - I apologize for being obtuse, but I am afraid that is all I can tell you at this time.

SR - ...fair enough! Professor Brigid Veila, thank you so much for your time this evening. It has been a true pleasure.

PV - Likewise.


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