The Aeon Immortal

The Aeon Immortal

The flagship series in Lyra Alice Schneider's literary universe. An ancient alien race discovers the secret to immortality for all living things - or so they believe. It will fall on the Humans and other members of the Interstellar Federation of Species to to rectify those beings' mistakes...or lose everything imaginable.

BOOK I: The Abadon Relic

    Part I - By Night's Queen Shaped. In this initiatory entry, Siri Joranson - formerly known as the Dark Heart, a fearsome pirate - is called on to repay her favor to the enigmatic Xerat and secure the Abadon Relic, an almost mythical artifact of the Ancients. As other parties angle to beat her to the Relic, she comes ever closer to a reunion with Eris, whose unrivaled psychic power fueled a rebellion in Siri's name 30 years ago. Her sudden disappearance was devastating, but her reappearance could be worse...

      This part is currently undergoing final edits. The prologue is available for free here.

    Part II - From Dark Dreams Awakened. This second part concludes The Abadon Relic, while introducing Geonosis Sherzadin, the Navigator of the Black Hand.

      This part is currently in first draft, and is about 50% complete.

BOOK II: The Samael Collective

     Part I - With Poisonous Truths Entrusted. 

     This part is currently in pre-writing.

      Part II - On Raven's Wings Ascended.

      This part is currently in pre-writing.

Lost Colonies

This series contains novels, novellas, and short stories set in, or starring characters from, any of the 25 Lost Colonies from the Aeon Immortal universe. They are listed here in order of when they were written, but may not be in chronological order relative to the universe itself.

I - Justice Calling

     In this novella, sheriff Penny Lux of planet Klea must join forces with the woman who broke her heart - and destroyed her stolen technology for physiological gender transition - to stop a user of psychokinesis from throwing her world into chaos. 

     A preview of Justice Calling is available here, and you can buy it on Amazon here!

II - To See The Stars

     Frigate mechanic Naavalah Dharum crash lands on Arciel, the Lost Colony home of genderfluid clothier Melis/te. They must work together to recover Naavalah's ship and contact the Federation for help. But Naavalah isn't so sure that help is what the Federation will bring...

      A preview of To See The Stars is available here, and it will be available on Amazon by February!

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