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June 14, 2018

In Justice Calling (now available as an eBook on Amazon!), Sheriff Penny Lux undergoes medical transition through the application of a patch to her chest; when the patch is damaged, her body slowly starts to revert to its former state. I wrote this into the story without considering the science behind it too thoroughly, but since this is Pride Month, I figured it would be worth diving in a little deeper. In this edition of Esoterica, we'll be talking about the science behind medical transition as it currently exists, as it could exist in the near future, and as it seems to exist on Klea thanks to the Followers of the Flame. We'll also take a brief look at the medical transition tech of the Federation at large.

Before we dive in, then, a few content notes: this article focuses solely on medical aspects of transition, which are only a part of the overall experience, and one that not all trans folk engage in, so this should not be taken as representative of all trans folk's experiences. Be...

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