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January 2, 2018

When originally conceiving of the character of Brigid Veila in close concert with her creator, KM Murray, we determined that Brigid should be capable of “bending” certain rules of physics. For the purpose of the novel, that “bending” has become a little bit more powerful than I suppose either of us envisioned it originally, though not without cost. That said, I have still endeavored to thoroughly consider the implications of how Brigid’s powers function in a practical sort of way, and to explain those implications in-text without devolving into a lecture on theoretical physics.

Not that I’m qualified to give such a lecture anyway, of course; I’m an actor, Jim, not a scientist.

Nevertheless, I thought that I might do my best to explain some of the principles at play here, both as a way of documenting my own creative process and of sharing some insight with any curious readers. There are many ramifications to Brigid’s physics bending abilities, and we may look into more of them in future i...

October 25, 2017

I have mentioned in numerous places my interest in creating science fiction that relies on realistic physics wherever possible. Occasionally, this requires me to do some research on some unusual topics, and I thought I might share the results with you.

Today I am going to talk about lasers as weapons – specifically, how they work in fiction versus reality, and how effective a laser might be at punching a hole through a person. Most of my information comes from a variety of online sources, some less reputable than others (and therefore not strictly relied upon for hard facts), referenced at the bottom.

Laser weapons have been featured in sci-fi for close to a century now, and perhaps partly due to the fact that such weaponry was imagined before a real laser ever even came into being, most of the depictions of these weapons are wildly inaccurate. Of course, many games, books, and movies have avoided this inaccuracy by renaming the weaponry: blasters, rayguns, plasma rifles, disruptor c...

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