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4. Joranians

    The Joranian people were the first to be admitted into the Interstellar Federation of Species (FSY 453), and have had an accordingly tremendous impact on the culture. Joranians had eliminated the use of livestock and the consumption of any unwilling animal product by the time they were inducted into the Federation, and they began lobbying for their approach to become a cultural standard of the Federation almost immediately after that. This is in keeping with the Joranian tendency towards pacifism, a phenomenon that has been observed in nearly all Jorani texts, discourse, and political maneuvering.

     This practice of pacifism is  exemplified by the Joranian response to the war with the Border Empire (see corresponding entry in the Historica), the first battle of which was fought on a Jorani colony world in FSY 541. The Joranian government attempted to negotiate with the Border Empire's navy and, when that navy proved uninterested in negotiations, quietly ceded the territory. This practice continued until virtually all of the Jorani worlds were conquered by the Border Empire, at which point, the rest of the Federation became aware of the incursions and mustered a counterattack. The rest of the Jorani worlds were lost before the combined forces of the IFS were able to halt the Border Empire's advance, but at the time, the Joranian government was most irate that the rest of the Federation had intervened at all. This began a centuries long debate (due only in part to the time lag of interstellar communication pre-ansible) on military propriety, culminating in the advent of the Border Protocols (see corresponding entry in the Historica).

       With no remaining planetary worlds, the Joranians largely embraced a space-bound means of existence; despite having been capable of colonizing and even terraforming planets for thousands of years, there are presently only five worlds administered by Joranian government. The majority of the Joranian people now live aboard starships, traveling endlessly from one corner of the Federation to another. This nomadic lifestyle seems to correspond with the emergence of a storytelling culture that has come to define the Jorani way of life and how they are perceived by other constituent species. 

5. Mechanists (see also Mechanism, in the Historica)

     The Mechanists are the fifth member species of the IFS’ 31 constituent species, admitted in 872 FSY. The Mechanists are largely isolationist, with most of their members living their entire lives on the Mechanist homeworld, the name of which is generally translated in Federation languages to “The Factory.” The Factory is approximately .87 Federation standard gees (or 1.1 Earth gees) and orbits a yellow sun. It is presumed that The Factory once supported a wide variety of flora and fauna, but it is now primarily dominated by Mechanist devices.

      When the IFS first encountered the Mechanist homeworld, the Mechanists already possessed starflight, but had made no effort to colonize the space around them. This is highly unusual, as most member species were either incapable of starflight upon contact or were making use of it to expand their sphere of influence. The Mechanists had evidently launched several “Astral Citadels” – a type of massive starship reportedly capable of accommodating hundreds of thousands of individuals - to carry forth their observation of their religious principles, but no official records exist in the IFS detailing any instances of contact with these Citadels. It is commonly supposed that they were launched towards empty space, and once the Mechanists discovered that the IFS had not already encountered the Citadels, they refused to speak more of the matter.

      The Mechanist way of life revolves primarily around Mechanism, a form of religion that abhors flesh and idolizes mechanical minds and bodies as expressions of the deific Machine that is Mechanism’s central figure. The Mechanist government and society are entirely theocratic, both being administered by a collection of authorities known as the Bishopric. The Bishopric has never incited the Mechanists to any violent action towards outsiders, but it has been known to impose steep penalties on any Mechanist that deviates from “the will of the Machine.”

The 31 member species of the Federation are catalogued here in order of admission. Each entry contains detailed information about the species' distinctive traits and history within the IFS, along with predominant cultural views. To jump to a particular species, click on any of their names below. 


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