This site was originally home to The Abadon Relic, the first book of The Aeon Immortal series. Now this site serves as a center for all of Lyra's authorship, including all works within the Aeon Immortal universe. Here you can find links to books available for purchase on Amazon, lore entries for the universe of The Aeon Immortal, and descriptions and previews of Lyra's finished works and some of her WIPs. 

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Lyra A. Schneider is a bisexual trans woman living in the Seattle area, and she hopes to increase visibility for commonly forgotten groups within the science-fiction genre. She would love to be able to write full time, but while she waits for that to become possible, she works as a tutor. She hopes that her writing will provide readers with something like an old fairy tale to escape into, mixing wonder and horror with characters who have the capacity to experience both. 


Readers should feel free to reach out to her via email: lyraschneider@gmail.com

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